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"The thing is that whenever these kinds of (important) discussions take place, there's often some people who go "but it should be only about the music and nothing else. Just play great music!"

​Well, sure, but there are people who aren't white men composing great music... are you playing it? No! And why? Because you don't know about it.


My band is too diverse, both in terms of ethnicity and male/female ratio. It's no longer good enough to not be actively looking for and programming music by women and non-whites."

Rob Perkins, Director of Bands, Wausau East High School, WI

Composer Spotlight:

Grace Baugher

Grace Baugher (b. 1995) is a Kansas born composer whose music employs memorable melodic material and whimsical styles. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a Masters in Music Composition and Graduate Certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy. Previously she studied at Kansas State University where she had pieces performed by many ensembles, faculty, and guest artists. Considered one of the rising young voices in wind band, her music has been performed across the United States at a variety of conferences and schools. Most recently, her piece "Remembering the Remarkables" was selected as a top 100 piece for wind band in 2020 by Bandworld. She is currently finishing a Graduate Certificate in Music Education to become certified to teach and work with bands beyond her compositions.

Listen to "Remembering the Remarkables", Grade 3
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Currently, there is a focus on works from Grades 1-4. For more resources relating to works by women please consult the comprehensive list of useful links on the ColourFULL Music webpage!
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