An evidence-based, tried and tested resource that works in any teaching environment, keeping your students engaged, composing and playing!

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“Thank you! This resource has helped me answer the question of how I could help students collaborate and create in our current learning environment, and really points in the direction of what learning in a band room should look like."

“The best thing for me is that it really gives the students control of their learning and performance, which is something I'm really passionate about. I love that this resource gives students the chance to compose a piece as a group and they get to pick what goes where and when.”

“I like that it’s made me re-examine our methods and practices. I think it makes band and music more engaging and gives students more input/voice.”

"She's a fabulous clinician and a master educator .. we have much, much to learn from her." 

 Dr. Patricia Bourne, 

Western Washington University, WA, USA

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