Commissioned by Derby Sixth Grade Center Bands to celebrate the success of the unique Derby Sixth Grade Center 1994-2015.  Composed for Middle School Band. Grade 2.


"Earthshine" is a PERFECT way to link Science & Music! In the heart of the work is a timpani solo surrounded by ACTUAL SPACE SOUNDS as recorded by NASA. My favourite is "Whistler Waves" but you and your students can choose anything you like then add to it with body percussion!

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'Know your stuff ' teaching material

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See the 'cup' Aux. Perc. 1 part in action

Instrumentation & pitch range

What is a "colour wheel" score?Instrumentation is divided into teams. The make-up of each team in Earthshine is more focused on sections, inviting instrumentalists to listen within their own section and echo or respond to each other. 

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