'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.'

Mahatma Gandhi

You are listening to an excerpt from Twist

Performed by the AMAZING

Castle Hill RSL Youth Wind Orchestra

Conducted by James Brice


There are three ways you can help bring change and incite creative music making opportunities in your band program.

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How to get started...

Things to think about before you approach your faculty with the idea of teaching creatively and ‘off the podium’:


When: When can I timetable ‘off the podium’ creative music making lessons?

Ideas: Logistically this can be a challenge. I recommend you consider making one day per teaching cycle an 'off the podium' day. Clear the room and take ALL groups who rehearse on that day through creative music making lessons.


Your time spent with others’ classes could be exchanged within your faculty. Perhaps another director can take one of your rehearsals & focus on something they specialize in? Why not share your strengths - everyone has their strnegths!


What: How do I start? What resources are there?

Ideas: The Project Piece ‘Belah Sun Woman’ is designed to introduce this style of teaching to you and your students. This resource, when followed step-by-step, will develop your creative music educator/conductor skills & establish solid teaching routines. There are 20 lesson plans and most are brought to life on an accompanying DVD of me working with middle school students. The lessons feed directly into 5 progressively challenging movements of music for your wind band that will take your students on an educational journey from Grade Zero to Grade 2.


You can also try the "Teaching Performance through Composition" resources. These are evidence-based pieces where I provide the building blocks and you and your students "build" music together through creative decisions. The series is available as seperate books, or as an introductory package complete with professional development and online support. 

Be brave. Be the change.