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This fantastic NEW resource details more than 150 works for symphonic wind band by Aussie composers, most of whom you would have never heard of. Bags of new repertoire options are available for download through Amazon right now at a very reasonable price!

"The piece is inspired by the landscape and an ancient aboriginal dreamtime story. It takes students on a unique and sequential journey towards musical independence by teaching musical concepts within the context of a composition. It encourages students to become sensitive thinkers and listeners as they develop their playing skills."

Frank Battisti

Conductor Emeritus, New England Conservatory of Music Wind Ensemble

“Into the Sun” is a scrapbook of stories regarding first passage to Australia; whether it be as free settlers in the 1800s, post World War II immigrants or refugees seeking asylum. 


“The first time I saw the coloured lights of Sydney I thought it was like a fairy tale. During the war in Germany, there were no lights at all, least of all coloured lights… we walked down the steps from the ship and I stepped onto the soil and I thought, “May we all be very happy and may we have lots of luck”.

Helen Simanowsky, Ukraine, first arrived 1948

  • Excerpt from the opening of 'Into the Sun'
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  • Commissioned by the Western Sydney Combined Public Schools Concert Band
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GRADE: 5   DURATION: 14 mins

AUSSIE FEATURES: Trumpet section cadenza that emulates the call of an Aussie Kookaburra!

"I am still floating from having conducted it.  One of the most exciting works to be a part of."

Jemima Bunn

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