13 Moons: four composing pieces

Commissioned by the University of British Columbia Conducting Symposium Consortium 2017
Integral part of PhD research including neurological applications to best learning practices.  
Published by Murphy Music Press. Four pieces ranging from Grade 1-4++. 

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13 Moons: North

  • Grade 1 material

  • Unison rhythm

  • Limited range

  • Extension options

13 Moons: East

  • Grade 2 material

  • Introduces round

  • Ostinato 

  • "Creepy" accompaniment

13 Moons: South

  • Grade 3 material

  • Introduces A & B

  • Multiple ostinati 

  • Opportunity for soloist

Sadly, no sample audio is yet available.


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13 Moons: West

  • Grade 4+ material

  • Introduces whole tone

  • Graphic scores 

  • Students compose some of the pitch material

See a sample part

Sample part_13 Moons-East_Trumpet.jpg

See the score

13 Moons.jpg

Scope & Sequence

Inspired by the Native American book

"13 Moons on Turtles Back"

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